Sheriff's Office


Sheriff:          Randy Dely    
Location:      7235 Washington Street
Phone:          229-828-7503

Official Sheriff's website:


The Sheriff's office of Webster County is the primary law enforcement agency for the entire county, and is an integral part of the County's system of justice. As the chief law enforcement authority in the County , the Sheriff is charged with the duty to "keep and preserve the peace in the county, for which purpose he may call to his aid such persons or power of his county as he deems necessary."

To fulfill this responsibility, the Sheriff's Office renders many services to the residents of Webster County. Among these are the pursuit and apprehension of all persons who have committed felonies, searching for missing persons, patrolling all the roads in the county, and providing traffic control as well as being a roll model and a source of safety training for the High School. The Sheriff's Office also acts in the serving of warrants and court orders and processes orders of the Court as they relate to civil litigation and other legal processes.

The Sheriff's Office coordinates its efforts with local, state, and national agencies to meet the common objective of public safety.

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